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Spa Party Policies:

  • We suggest arriving 15-30 minutes prior to appointment start times so that you can relax, get settled, grab a drink and a bite to eat before you are called for your first service.

  • Each individual service runs approximately 30 minutes.

  • All services will be provided as scheduled. The final schedule will be emailed to the party host for final review. This is the time to make any changes being requested.

  • Any last-minute schedule changes MUST BE PRESENTED TO THE FRONT DESK at the time of the parties’ arrival! We will do our best to accommodate changes but time does not always allow so CHANGES CANNOT BE GUARANTEED.

  • If the party or individuals of the party are late there is a possibility a service may have to be forfeited.

  • There must be an adult present to consent for any individual under the age of 18 getting a massage or facial.

  • GRATUITIES ARE NOT INCLUDED in the Spa Party prices.


  • Sunday and Monday parties are required to leave a non-refundable deposit of $50 for providing services on non-operational days.

  • Upon booking, a valid credit card is required to be put on file. Nothing will be billed to the credit card unless the party or individuals of the party do not adhere to the cancellation policy.

Spa Party Cancellation Policy:

  • A cancellation fee of 50% applies for all parties that ARE NOT CANCELLED WITHIN 2 DAYS (48 hours) of the appointments.

  • A cancellation fee of 50% applies for any individual or individuals who do not show up with the party, or who do not cancel their appointments within 2 days (48 hours) prior.

Please contact our Spa Party Coordinator at (732)899-2202, or by email at